DIY Tyvek Tent Footprint

As you may know, we have a Big Agnes, Fly Creek UL2 tent that we use for pretty much every backpacking trip. It’s a great tent and we love it, but because of the lightweight materials used in the tent, I fear for it’s long-term durability. (Side Note: It’s actually held up quite well and has been pitched in quite a few less-than-ideal spots with sharp branches and rocks and has performed flawlessly.) Buuuuut I would like the added reassurance of a footprint for an expensive piece of gear. In addition to protecting the tent floor from getting punctured/torn, footprints prevent water seeping in through the floor, and in the case of the Fly Creek can be used with the rainfly to pitch the tent. Unfortunately the Big Agnes footprint is quite pricy for a simple piece of cloth, and I had heard that there were good Do it Yourself (DIY) options, and so I started looking into it.

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Notch Peak

Looking West at the Notch Peak Trailhead marker.

Katie and I at the Notch Peak Trailhead

Katie and I’s first backpacking Adventure of 2014 was Notch Peak in the West Desert about 4 hours south-west of Salt Lake City. We chose this hike because it was recommended as a good early season hike due to the lack of snow that is covering most hikes around Salt Lake. We did the hike easter weekend, April 19th and 20th, and encountered very little snow and lovely weather (highs in the 70’s lows in the 40’s)! Continue reading