Sawtooths Petit Lake Backpacking Trip

I have been failing miserably to update this lately due to an overabundance of adventurizing and funtivities, so I’m playing catch up. I (Tyler) went on a backpacking trip up in the Sawtooth’s in Idaho Sept 5th through Sept 7th with the old gang of High School buddies. Being spread out all over the West Coast, we don’t get to see each other much any more, so it was great to see everyone and a fantastic backpacking trip.

We planned to do an out and back trip in the Sawtooth National Forest, just North of Sun Valley, Idaho because we only had limited time and a few new backpackers. Tom, Shane, Austin, and I hiked to McDonald Lake the first night so that Jack and Alan could find us late that night after they got off work (in the dark, which didn’t go well – more on that later). The second day we all continued up to Farley Lake which was massive and quite the stellar camp spot. Then on the third day we headed back to the car early, the way we came, so that Shane could catch his flight out. It was a 2 mile hike to McDonald Lake, and another 2.5 miles to Farley Lake, so overall, it was a 9 mile out and back with about 1,500 ft of elevation climbing, which made it quite steep at times (as Austin found out).

Toxaway-Pettit Loop Trailmap

Toxaway-Pettit Loop Trailmap

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