Uintas – East Fork Bear River

Matt, Shane, and I (Tyler) all made it out for a backpacking trip up to the Uintas this last weekend, 6/28/15. Matt and I have done a number of trails in the Uintas, so we tried to spot something new and epic. We decided that the East Fork of the Bear River was going to be a good spot with potential for a loop by going over Yard Pass, just North of Yard Peak. Continue reading


Amethyst Lake – Uintas

This last weekend, July 26 and 27 2014, Jake, Michelle, and I (Tyler) went on a short overnight trip to Amethyst Lake in the Uintas. We chose the trip because the trail-head is very close to Salt Lake City and was a good distance for a 1 night trip. It was also Michelle’s first time backpacking, so we wanted to take her somewhere where we kind of knew the area and knew the hike wasn’t going to be too hard (I did this trip about 3 years ago and loved it). She had a great time, and will hopefully continue to backpack!

Amethyst Lake MapTrack and Speed

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King’s Peak (The Other King’s Peak)

So we did 2 Kings Peak trips recently. The 2nd happens to be the highest peak in Utah at 13,528 ft. It’s in the Uintas Range, a personal favorite of mine, and we had a great, quick 2 day weekend trip to the top. We did the trip with Matt, Dani, Cole, and Ava and it was a great group to put some long miles in with.


The river along the hike

We started the trip on Friday, The 4th of July, and hiked about 8 miles deep into the Uintas to find a camp spot for the night. We left Salt Lake City early that morning and drove a quick few hours to the Henry’s Fork Trailhead. The hiking was easy with little elevation change and a lot of water. The weather was interesting and became quite stormy as we neared King’s Peak. We found a pretty awesome campsite off the trail and next to a stream and set up camp for the night. We spent the better half of the afternoon hiding from the intermittent rainstorms, which we hear are quite common in the area, and had a great relaxing afternoon and dinner.

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